Hockey protective equipment is important for players to wear to help protect them from injuries and prevent them from getting hurt while playing the game. The most common types of protective gear include helmets, padded gloves, elbow pads, and neck guards.

A face mask is a must for all hockey players, including goaltenders. The main function of a face mask is to protect the player’s face from pucks and flying sticks during play. In addition to protecting the head, a face mask also helps the player to keep their eyes open during play, which is important for keeping track of the puck.

The best face mask for hockey is made from a lightweight, breathable material that keeps the player’s head and face cool during the game. It should have adjustable straps so the player can keep their mask on throughout the game without feeling restricted.

Helmets are a must for all hockey players, especially those in the youth and adult leagues. A good hockey helmet should be HECC certified and have a properly fastened chin strap.

There are many different brands and styles of hockey helmets, so be sure to choose the one that fits you best. If you’re unsure of what style helmet to buy, consult with a professional ice hockey coach or referee before purchasing.

Throat protectors are another important piece of hockey protective equipment. They help to protect the throat and neck from high shots, preventing injuries that may be caused by pucks being shot into the throat. A throat protector is not required by USA Hockey rules, but it is recommended for all junior and adult hockey players.

Elbow pads are an important piece of hockey equipment for all players, as they protect the elbows and forearms from injuries that may occur during the game. They are usually molded to fit the player’s arm perfectly and have EVA foam inserts that can absorb impacts and provide support to the arms during the game.

The most effective elbow pads for hockey are molded to fit the arm and have a hinge in the center for maximum mobility. They also have EVA foam inserts that can absorb the impact of a blow to the elbow and provide support to the arms.

A chest protector is another important piece of hockey equipment, as it covers the torso and arms from injuries that might happen during the game. The chest protector is particularly useful for beginner goalies, as they often get hit in the chest area with pucks during their first season.

Leg guards are another piece of hockey equipment that a player can use to protect their legs from injury during the game. They can be worn under the hockey pants or with the shin guards.

Jockstraps are another important piece of hockey equipment, as they protect the player’s groin area from injury during the game. They can be purchased in many different styles and can be velcro-attached, so that they can be easily attached to the hockey pants or socks.